Welcome to 52 Hours A Year!

In 2014, I set out to volunteer one hour a week as I toured the country as a dancer on a Broadway tour.

 Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 5.28.15 PMVolunteering while touring, not as easy as it looks!

In the process, I created this site, which chronicled my various adventures, misadventures, and stories.

 2014-10-29 11.37.01A cat-related adventure was almost my downfall….

It later evolved into a resource to not only inspire others to pursue giving at least an hour a week to charity, but a place to help find charities who need volunteers.


So feel free to navigate any way you like around the site.

 2014-02-10 17.40.28The choices! So. Many. Choices!

You could start at the beginning.


Or you could check out the archives below.



Or, you could search for posts by tag via the tag cloud, on your right.

2014-01-31 21.50.36

See? This arrow (almost) points to the tag cloud!

(And takes you to the post about our Letters of Love campaign! Two-fer!)

Or, you could just cheat and jump right to the end to see if I managed to reach my goal of 52 hours a year of volunteering.

2014-10-21 16.27.22

Did we succeed? Snowball will never tell…

Any way you choose, I hope you find yourself entertained, inspired, and ready to make a difference in your corner of the world.

 2014-09-03 15.49.22Hopefully leaving the world a little better, nicer, and sweeter

for the likes of my sweet little niece! 

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