Week Four: Wash and Repeat

Project: Love Letters for the Elderly

Actual Time Taken: 45 Minutes

This week I was really torn.

My original goal with this blog was to give an hour a week to charity.

But the rules are fuzzy.

Do I need to give exactly an hour every week? Do I need to find a different charity every week? Do I need to stop making up rules to my own charity blog?

The Answers are: No, No, and Yes.

I had committed to making cards for home-bound seniors through the Letters of Love campaign from www.dosomething.org. I took about an hour last week to make them with the help of our young cubs on our tour. We made about 35 cards and I was feeling pretty good about this number, until I went to drop them off at the local Meals on Wheels location.

I met the local representative, who was very sweet and completely thrilled by the unexpected cards. Smiling, she happily informed me that they will do wonders for the 500 people they deliver meals to every week.

That’s 35 cards. For 500 people.

We have some work to do….

So I decided to dedicate this week’s hour, and every other week’s hour needed to make at least 500 cards for everyone to which they deliver.  Ultimately, I decided that it’s ok that this week’s hour is going to the same charity, since the goal of this project is to experience what it feels like to carve out an hour every week to give to a worthy cause, and not just to find 52 different short term volunteer efforts.

And this week, it feels right to give another hour to the very worthy cause of bringing a smile to a Hawaiian home-bound senior’s face for Valentines Day.


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