Week 38- Eating… or not… for a good cause

Project: Panera Cares Cafe Charity Miles

Actual Time Taken: 30 minutes

This week I wanted to check out the Panera Cares Café up the street from the theater.


Panera cares, and so do I! (Image Source)

But its hours of operation would have none of it.

Turns out, it’s closed on the weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.35.38 PM

Yup. That’s me. (Image Source)

(A café closed on the weekend? Who would have guessed! Well, I guess anyone with the foresight to look it up online… but I digress.)

So my Girl Scout troop (Read: My twelve year old best friend, Hero. Just her. And me. We’re a troop.) had Mediterranean for breakfast and had a quick Girl Scout meeting instead, prepping for her next badge, which will be the cooking badge. (Tune in next week for full coverage of that culinary adventure!)

While I didn’t get to check out this pay-what-you-like community café, I did manage to squeeze in some pseudo-volunteering as I exercised this week though an app on my phone called Charity Miles.


Running for a cause of your choice! (Image Source)

As a dancer, I’m not really ‘supposed’ to run. When I was younger we were told that running would develop muscles that could interfere with the muscles I was supposed to be developing in ballet class. But I have a crazy energetic pitbull puppy (read: two years old, but will always be a puppy to me.) so I have to find a way to get his energy out every day, and running a few miles a week seemed like the easiest thing to do. (Bonus: It files his claws down as I run! So no traumatic nail clippings for us! Double win.)

So this week I ran around 3 miles, raising enough funds to vaccinate 4 kittens for the ASPCA and donated around $1 to WWF. Apparently as I run, I accumulate money from Charity Miles’ corporate sponsors and they donate it to the cause I pick for each run. Runners earn .25 cents per mile, and bikers earn .10. I chose to donate to a few different charities this week, but next week I think I’ll stick with one charity and see how much good my jogging can do.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.57.07 PM

(Image Source)

Bonus: It logs how many miles my dog and I are slogging through every week!

Double win.

Photos (Thank you!):

Panera: http://3blmedia.com/News/CSR/Panera-Bread-Foundation-Brings-Panera-Cares®-Community-Cafe-Boston

Kitteahs: http://rubmint.com/2009/11/23/if-you-close-it/

Charity Miles: https://www.michaeljfox.org/foundation/news-detail.php?walk-bike-and-run-to-raise-funds-for-parkinsons-research

ASPCA: http://foac.us/big-thanks-for-aspca-grants-to-help-foac/


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