Week 49: Toys for Tots Box!

Project: Toys for Tots Box

Time Taken: 20 minutes

So this week wasn’t really an hour of work at all, but to be fair, we only have been in town since Wednesday. We had to drive from Milwaukee to San Antonio this week, so they gave us an extra day to get here. (Usually we have to be here on Tuesday morning, but for this 1,900 mile/20 hour drive, they gave us until Wednesday.) So I’ve had a couple fewer days to get my act together for my hour this week.

I did managed, however, to get a Toys for Tots box set up in my theater. I made some cute flyers and put them up, and then wrapped an empty box like I’ve seen them done at the drop off locations, and set it out by our call board where we sign in.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 5.36.28 PM

I had originally wanted us to do an Angel Tree and get specific gifts for specific kids in need, but I couldn’t find one in the area. I actually have a feeling I’m going to be turning the toys from our cast in a few days late (I won’t be able to drop them off until the 23rd of December!) but maybe they can get them to a few families this year, or keep them until next year?

I feel good that I got this going for us this week though. I put the flyers out on a Sunday, which is our last day before our day off when, I’m assuming, a lot of us will be Christmas shopping. Hopefully my cast and crew will throw an extra new toy in their basket this year for our Toys for Tots drive!

2014-12-16 18.36.07


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